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Parenting these days is hard enough but when you get Multiple Sclerosis thrown in the mix, it’s that more challenging. I’m not going to ask you to discuss your problems because problems are sometime hurdles to high to overcome. I want you to be able to discuss you parenting challenges because those have solutions; sometimes it just takes someone impartial to help come to those solutions.

One thing I want to do is help you teach your kids about your MS. There are a lot of resources out there its just many people don’t know how to access them.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Parenting with MS

This isnt very good but it was originally written at 3 am on a Blackberry

I tried, I love you
I though I did my best
But its not easy being a parent with MS
I joined in where I could
And I thought you understood
I tried to explain this thing to you
And I thought my best as a parent I tried to do
I tried, I love you, I thought I did my best
But its not easy being a parent with MS
I hated not being able to run and play
And that in bed many times I did stay
That this thing zapped my energy
That I struggled with my own identity
As a person, a wife and a mother
How I wished it had happened to another
I tried, I love you, I did my best
But its not easy being a parent with MS
We both got handed a raw deal
But how do you think I feel
While I'll never again run, dance or swing
Being stuck in this wheelchair thing
You have no idea how I'd like to run beside you
But then again I know you'd like to run with me too
I know its hard having to hang out at home and help more
You want to play or hang out with friends not do an extra chore
I didn't always feel well enough to cook or clean
I didn't always feel like going out or being seen
I didn't always make the right choice
And many times you think I ignored your voice
I tried to listen to your hopes and fears
I tried to be there to dry your tears
Just know that above all
I'll pick you up when you fall
You're forever my child and no matter what I love you Intentionally hurt you I would never do
I know many times I'm tired or stressed
But I think I try to do my best
If I could change this  I certainly would
To go through what you have, no child should
Everyday, for you I thank the Lord above
For giving me you, to show you love
I know I'm far from the perfect mother
I can't blame you if you want another
We cannot see or understand
Why this was part of Gods plan
In time we may understand, we may see
Why this happened, why this was to be
But for now these are the cards we were dealt
An awful hand but you needed to hear how I felt
I loved you before, now and always will

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