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Parenting these days is hard enough but when you get Multiple Sclerosis thrown in the mix, it’s that more challenging. I’m not going to ask you to discuss your problems because problems are sometime hurdles to high to overcome. I want you to be able to discuss you parenting challenges because those have solutions; sometimes it just takes someone impartial to help come to those solutions.

One thing I want to do is help you teach your kids about your MS. There are a lot of resources out there its just many people don’t know how to access them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wont you join me?

MS Awareness week is over for 2011 but it is still officially MS Awareness month. And its time for another Parenting with MS show on http://raeflections.me/ Thursday, March 24 froim 8-10 pm ET. This month, we will not only salute parents with MS but from 8-9 we will talk to children of parents with MS so get ready for some wonderful conversation. You can either call in live at 714)510-3712 & press 1 to talk or email me at bowmanmktg@yahoo.com or IM me on facebook at Taunia Derenberger. We welcome children, grandchildren, nephews, neices, etc. Our second hour, we will be talking to and honoring parents with MS. Parenting these days is hard enough but through Multiple Sclerosis in the mix? If you are a parent or grandparent with MS and have a question or comment please call 714)510-3712 & press 1 to talk between 9 pm to 10 pm ET.

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  1. Hi, best wishes on your struggle with MS, be positive, surround yourself with love, and keep negativity away as best you can. Have you kept in contact with Mr. Cold? Does their technology offer any solution to MS? Best Regards.