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Parenting these days is hard enough but when you get Multiple Sclerosis thrown in the mix, it’s that more challenging. I’m not going to ask you to discuss your problems because problems are sometime hurdles to high to overcome. I want you to be able to discuss you parenting challenges because those have solutions; sometimes it just takes someone impartial to help come to those solutions.

One thing I want to do is help you teach your kids about your MS. There are a lot of resources out there its just many people don’t know how to access them.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello and Sorry

I know everyone was looking forward to a March show but unfortunately, I fell ill and was in the hospital. Let me tell you, there's no bigger upset between having to cancel my show and spending my 48th birthday in the hospital. I do appreciate all the well wishes on facebook and the friends and relatives who brought me presents, balloons, flowers and a cake. Anyway, spring break is almost here and you are probably wondering what to do with your child.

I am sending my 9 year old to the boys and girls club so you may want to see if they have one close to you. It's a great organization, he can play basketball, swim and even play video games. During school days they are open 3-8 M-F 10-5 Saturday. On school days off they are open 10-4 M-F. If you dont have one, how about the local Y or a rec center? Many of them, the Y especially has a sliding fee scale. I'm even going to go to the Y with him for swimming because its a great workout and ours has a chair to get me in and out of the water.

Do a google search for activities, get them involved in helping in the kitchen. When I think of other specifics I'll post them here. I'm also still looking for people for my April 28th show. Email me I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. I was thrilled when I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and found you pictured with your service dog.

    We're looking for participants in our research project to demonstrate the effects of service dogs on the quality of life of the MS patient. No alternative medicine--just a possible solution to the issues faced by the MS community every day.

    on Facebook: MS Beyond Meds